The Val Meledrio Ecomuseum

The treasure chest of our roots


The Val Meledrio Ecomuseum The Way of the Emperors has been recently established and it is open all-year-round offering guided activities throughout the summer and winter periods.

An open-air museum where culture is at one with nature 

Val Meledrio is the connecting valley between Dimaro and Folgarida, and is home to treasures of great historical, cultural and naturalistic value, safeguarded by the recently established Val Meledrio Ecomuseum.

The main attractions are undoubtedly the Venetian sawmill and the ancient mallet, which are in perfect working condition and set in motion by the superhuman force of the Meledrio stream.

But that's not all; download the map and discover the past of this mysterious and fascinating valley.


Ecomuseo Val Meledrio | © Archivio APT Val di Sole - Ph Tommaso Prugnola
Dimaro Folgarida - Dimaro

The Val Meledrio Ecomuseum


in Dimaro Folgarida


What can we put in our basket?

A walk through the woods to discover various types of mushrooms