The village of Art and Agriculture


More than 50 artistic sundials adorn the houses along the streets of the two small villages, which are surrounded by the apple trees that give us the famous Melinda apple.

The village of Art and Agriculture

Monclassico and Presson embody the artistic and agricultural flair of Dimaro Folgarida. The artistic sundials that decorate these two beautiful villages constitute one of the most precious cultural treasures of the entire Val di Sole. Dozens of works of art are scattered across every corner: all with the same theme, each with its own story.

Monclassico and Presson are also the agricultural hub of Dimaro Folgarida, with the cultivation of the most famous apple: the Melinda.

This municipality never ceases to amaze us: in Monclassico we find the beautiful Bio-lake (which you can bathe in during the summer months), while in Presson the characteristic cellars (called “vòlti” by the locals) host food and wine events every year, where you can experience first-hand the true spirit of the mountain folk, a genuine and sincere people like few others in the world.

Download the map of Dimaro Folgarida, which highlights the paths and services in the area.

The Monclassico bio-lake

Discover the only bio-lake in Val di Sole: an eco-friendly natural swimming pool in harmony with the environment.


Apples are just one of the distinctive features of our territory. Discover the food and wine culture of our region, a unique mix of flavours born from the marriage of traditional Italian and Tyrolean cuisine.

The artistic sundials of Monclassico e Presson

 Dozens of works of art are scattered across every corner of the two villages: all with the same theme, each with its own story.

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