The Artistic Sundials of Monclassico and Presson

Art in the open air


More than 50 artistic sundials adorn the buildings along the streets of the small villages of Monclassico and Presson, one of the most precious pieces of artistic heritage in Val di Sole.

An art exhibition hidden amongst the back streets of mountain villages

In Monclassico and Presson, the gradual drifting of shadows silently marks the passing of time.

Here, science and art come together in the form of an ambitious and unusual idea, but one that is firmly rooted in a thousand-year-old tradition: to embellish buildings and town squares with modern artistic sundials.

The Sundials of Monclassico and Presson are one of the most precious artistic treasures of Val di Sole and can be visited 12 months a year, with guided tours in summer and winter.



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