The power of Nature


From the Pison Waterfall in Val Meledrio to the iconic roaring of the park waterfalls, timeless beauty is accessible to all.

waterfalls in all forms

Nothing represents wild mountains better than the unceasing, thunderous torrent of a waterfall. 

Val Meledrio, the quintessential valley of water, is less than an hour's walk from Folgarida. There, the crystal clear blue water of the Pison Waterfall offers an intense contrast against the surrounding greenery.

The waterfalls of Saent di Rabbi are a symbol of Trentino's Stelvio National Park, being one of its most popular destinations that is truly accessible for everyone.

In the Adamello Brenta Nature Park, the Vallesinella and Nardis Waterfalls in Val Genova catapult admirers into another reality, attracting travellers from all over the world with their charm.

Slow walks

How to reach the waterfalls and other natural beauty spots of Val di Sole and the parks with walks that are suitable for the whole family.


The home of the most beautiful waterfalls in Trentino, and so much more!

The Val Meledrio Eco-Museum - The Way of the Emperors

The treasures of the Val Meledrio Eco-Museum can be found along the route from Dimaro up to the Pison Waterfall. Here, culture and nature come together as one.

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