Adrenaline sports

A holiday full of adventure


The wild mountain of Dimaro Folgarida is an adventure park for those in search of authentic adrenaline-pumping experiences. The water of the lakes and waterfalls, fresh air and solid mountain rocks intertwine to create unique experiences: master a natural world explored by few.


The unique experience of swimming in the legendary Noce, one-on-one with the river. Feel at complete harmony with water, the star of the Val di Sole landscape.


Water and rock come together in this sport, combining the aquatic environment with mountaineering techniques. Explore gorges and ravines where few have ventured, carved out over the centuries by nature.


Soar through the air, flying over immense canyons in complete safety. Feel like the king of the Val di Sole jungle.

Downhill biking

The most extreme version of mountain biking: tackle the downhill trails of Val di Sole and its bike park, slicing through the air at full speed.

Climbing and Via Ferratas

Dominate the rocks with the strength of your body, and discover the best climbs and vie ferrate (fixed rope routes) in Val di Sole and the Brenta Dolomites.


Rafting is the perfect family adventure. Experience the adrenaline rush of Val di Sole's outdoor activities with an unforgettable rafting experience.

Ski mountaineering

. In Dimaro Folgarida, adventure never sleeps. Experience nature to its fullest in the winter season with the most incredible ski mountaineering excursions.

Sports camps

Are you a group of friends or an amateur team that wants to have adventures in the wilderness but at the same time prepare for the competitive season in a state-of-the-art sports centre? Discover the Dimaro Sports Centre, the ideal location for your sports camp.
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