Mountain folk

Just as real and genuine as their land


Traditions live on and are nurtured with dedication by the people of Val di Sole, towards a sustainable future marked by innovation.

Living in harmony with the territory

In Dimaro Folgarida, the people are strongly rooted to their land and sustain an important link with their traditions. Visitors have the opportunity to come into contact with the area’s heritage by taking part in the many activities and events organised throughout the year, where the friendly nature of the mountain folk, genuine and sincere like few others in the world, can be experienced first-hand.

The people of Dimaro Folgarida, however, look to the future with a spirit of sustainability and innovation. The emblem of this renewed relationship with the territory is the new hydroelectric power station in Val Meledrio. With its harmonious design, it blends perfectly into the surrounding natural environment, bringing the Meledrio stream back to the centre of people's economic life, just like it was at the time of the Venetian sawmill and the ancient mallet, which are preserved at the valley's Ecomuseum.


Discover the initiatives for the conservation and development of our territory.


Discover tradition and the outdoor world at the many events organised in Dimaro Folgarida.


The roots of Val di Sole handed down at the table. Don't miss the chance to taste some of Val di Sole’s traditional food and wine products.
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