Rafting and river sports


Water is the jewel in the crown of Val di Sole's outdoor paradise. Ride the waves of Europe's best river for river sports and lose yourself in the extraordinary canyons of the nearby Santa Giustina Lake amidst the water’s glistening reflections.


According to National Geographic, the Noce River is the best in Europe for the most adrenaline-pumping sport in town: rafting! Adrenaline-pumping, yes, but also safe and suitable for (almost) all the family. In the village of Dimaro, you will find the Trentino Wild Rafting Center Val di Sole, the largest outdoor centre in Italy, which has been offering thrilling watersport experiences for over 35 years.

Kayaking and canoeing

Kayaking brings to life the essence of the Noce River, which has to be mastered through technique and strength. Beginners and families can enjoy the breathtaking splendour of the canyons on the tranquil waters of Santa Giustina Lake, gentling paddling until they reach the wonder of the narrow canyons.

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