Kayaking and canoeing


From thrill-seekers to families, whether you’re looking for kayaking on the raging Noce River or leisurely canoeing in the majestic canyons of Lake Santa Giustina, there’s something for everyone.

Take in Trentino’s natural beauty from a new perspective

Canoeing in the canyons of Lake Santa Giustina in Val di Non is the ideal activity for those looking for a new and relaxing activity that requires little physical effort. From the majestic expanse of the lake to the small, fascinating inlets of the gorges, this is a breathtakingly beautiful experience.

In Dimaro Folgarida, you will find the Val di Sole Canoe School with its qualified instructors, who will introduce you to the sport and help you find the activity that best suits your needs. Families and beginners can enjoy short descents in an inflatable canoe.


Rafting sul fiume Noce | © Archivio Trentino Wild
Caldes - Dimaro Folgarida

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