Funghi porcini

Summer: Mushroom gathering


In the province of Trento it is possible to gather mushrooms from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day.  

If anyone wants to gather mushrooms in one of the municipalities located in the province of Trento, he or she must purchase a permit which is issued in the municipality where they will be mushroom picking:

  • 10,00 euro for 1 day 
  • 18,00 euro for 3 days
  • 24,00 euro for 1 week  
  • 40,00 euro for 2 weeks
  • 60,00 euro for 1 month

In Val di Sole it is possible to purchase a single permit that is valid in all of the municipalities in the valley except for the Municipality of Rabbi. Further information is available in the valley’s Information Offices.

A maximum of two kg per day per person can be gathered which is applied to everyone age 10 and older; anyone under age 10 can gather mushrooms if accompanied by a family member (the maximum weight is still applied). This rule is not applied if a single mushroom alone weighs more than 2 kg (without adding other mushrooms). Mushrooms must be gathered and transported in a rigid, perforated container and must be cleaned in the same place in which they are gathered, it is forbidden to use rakes, or any hook-like objects to gather and clean mushrooms since these objects damage the humus layer of the soil.