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Validity: from 07/20/2014  to 07/21/2014

Two days of product sampling, seminars, live music, workshops, the chance to purchase local products plus food and drink stands throughout the town of Croviana.

This “sweet” event is dedicated to the production of honey and the fascinating world of bees, an important part of the town’s cultural traditions and economy. The town of Croviana can be reached by car, by taking the Trento-Malè-Marilleva local train or by biking along the Val di Sole cycling path.  

Towards the end of July, the 25 beekeepers in Croviana gather all of the honey that these busy bees have been collecting: this thick, golden coloured liquid comes from the many flowers in Val di Sole.

Croviana has decided to celebrate this special moment with a two-day event dedicated to this nectar of the gods, called:  Melissa, festa del miele nuovo”  (Melissa, festival of the new honey). Every year, this festival takes place on the third weekend of July.

During the festival, you can get an up close look at the world of bees: visit beehives while accompanied by an expert and see how honey is extracted from the honeycomb.

You can also stroll through the honey market where you will also find many other products produced in the area, and various restaurateurs and local associations will prepare tasty dishes using honey and quality  local products.

There are numerous activities and workshops just for kids and their families.

And for grown-ups there are various exhibits, shows and music events.

There’s definitely something to satisfy all tastes! 

The office of the Associazione Apicoltori delle Valli di Sole, Peio e Rabbi  (Beekeepers’ Association) is located at the ancient Mill in Croviana.

Organized by:

  • The Municipality of Croviana 0463 901165
  • Strada della Mela e dei Sapori delle Valli di Non e Sole
  • Associazione Apicoltori delle Valli di Sole, Peio e Rabbi (Beekeepers’ Association)
  • Associations in Croviana


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